I can't provide updates and photos that I have promised to my supporters on my YouCaring fundraiser because YouCaring locked me out of my own link! I've tried to call and message at least 20 times and changed my password at least that many, with no success.

YouCaring has not addressed the problem. They don't return my calls and the only thing they do through e-mail is give me the link to change my password which never works. Without these updates & new photos, my fundraiser is suffering, and all the time I should be spending on doing positive things for our program, I'm wasting on trying to get YouCaring to fix the problem.

Now I have to contact Paypal to make sure YouCaring is even legitimate!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Dont feel bad it's been some months since I've logged into my you caring account that I've never even got a chance to finish because I have a struggle asking for help so for a few months until things have gotten to the point where I really really need help!! So i try to go to my caring to log into my account to finish it & I cant find anyway to get in things are coming up wrong on the site but as I kept going I see this post that says you caring has now joined go fund me!!!!!!!

I'm like wow are you kidding me I was extreamly upset & let me explain why you caring is a professional business or fundraiser but as I said they are still supposed to be professional & on top of everything they do right!!! But you mean to tell me that they couldnt take the time to send out emails to the people that are holding accounts with them & atleast let them know that they are now a part of go fund Me!!! WOW WOW WOW I'm truly flabbergasted shocked & extreamly disappointed & feel let down by you caring I have now seen many of post where people cannot get into there accounts that have had accounts for some time & have now basically lost everything they have worked for!! The most I have seen is were it just says that you caring is now a part of go fund me or some of them say you caring is now go fund me but yet tell you nothing about how to retrieve your account or information I tryed to enter my account thru go fund me & nothing its basically telling me it doesn't recognize any of my information!!!

this is truly a sad situation!! They are really really just saying go blank blank blank yourselves now o feel for other people way more than my situation because many of people were already establish with you caring & had funds in there accounts I didnt even get a chance to get started but my fear is let's say i start a new account & then all of a sudden my information shows up later down the line even though i really didnt get to do much of anything with my account other than my name I'm still afraid they will turn around at that point & try to push some *** on me like I was trying to be fraudulent or something crazy like that because they didnt take the time to take the necessary steps they should have to let people know what was going on & give you some kinda way to get to your account this is just 100% wrong

Calumet, Michigan, United States #1310011

they just shut down a page where special forces and federal aganets went on talk radio and started taking donations to help arrest pedos. Why would they want to stop an investiagation on pedophiles?


OMG---I was trying to raise funds what seemed like a dog hoarder. It's actually a rescue that moves a ton of dogs--out of control on numbers, but still, the have good intentions.

I referred to the place as a hoarder in my YouCaring writeup, which could cost me the chance to go back in and pull dogs at all. YOUCARING IS INSIDIOUS!


They locked me out of my account too and won't tell me why...they don't even answer the phone...


Their phone number is 408-824-9131. I just got thsi number from Wells Fargo 10/16/15 @ 12:59am.

I called my bank as I too was having trouble getting a human. This organization was suggested by the Oakland A's as better than GOFUNDME, but I don't know.

Fair Lawn, New Jersey, United States #930705

Is there a customer service phone number for YouCaring? I'd like to speak to someone, not email back and forth.

Anderson, South Carolina, United States #925308

I have tried emailing from the youcaring site and I am not receiving any responses. .my email account has been hacked and I can't log into youcaring...I need someone to contact me!!!!


Same thing happened to us! Our account has vanished, can't get a reply from their contact page or FB or Twitter.

And you could find a phone number for them?!? What is it?


I am having the same problem. I am locked out of my account as well.

I have changed my password and it says it was successful however it when logging back in it still says I am locked out. I am very frustrated too! I need to make changes to my fundraiser as well. Very Frustrated!

Have you gotten any help?

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada #907618

Hi, sorry you have been having difficulties. Please send an email to leonard@youcaring.com. Thank you.

Buffalo, New York, United States #907419

I tried to donate to Tyree Landrum , when I was trying to pay through PayPal, the receiver of the funds was Ryan Fusco. I didn't go any farther, it's a shame this company is a scam, trying to steal funds from people trying to donate to a good cause.

to dvdkzk California, United States #907801

hi dvdkzk, I am sorry to hear that. That is actually the name of the person who owns the Paypal account you are donating to.

Many fundraisers will use the Paypal account of a close friend or family member, which may be why you do not recognize the name.

You could contact the fundraiser organizer for more info by using the "Contact the Organizer" button at the bottom of their fundraising page.

Please let us know if we can assist further. Help@YouCaring.com

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