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I had a very negative experience with you caring. A friend of mine had started a fundraiser to help her dog rescue. A few days into the fundraiser, you caring shut it down. Weeks later I found out through fb that the shelter never received any donations.

I immediately check my emails to see if they had notified me or refunded me. They did neither. I contacted webpay and you caring and only heard back from webpay. They couldn't help me so I sent another email to you caring. I finally heard back from their support team three days after I contacted them.

They told me I needed to send my payment confirmation for them to give me my money back. I sent it along with a few questions such as why didn't they contact the donors after shutting down the fundraiser, where was my money considering they extracted it out of the fundraisers account, and were they ever planning in refunding me. I finally got a refund but no apology or explanation for their terrible business practices. This isn't finders keepers. If you shut down a fundraiser you should immediately notify donors and offer them a prompt refund. Aside from the obvious actions they should have taken, they should have addressed my inquiries and apologized for their sloppy response time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Youcaring Account.

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You Caring is the perfect scam WHY DONT POLICE EVER INVESTIGATE?


I got scammed also in dec. 16.

niece of friend of mine said her house burned down. all belongings and her "fur babies" also.

gave $25. i'm on a fixed income.

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