I found out on Thursday,July 30th, that a particular donation was not showing up on our site. At that point the fundraiser was up over a week and my husband who needed the fundraiser to have open heart surgery for a bad valve was feeling that no one cared.

On that date a donator called me and let me know her donation was not showing up. I send youcaring.com an email to this effect. I did not hear from them until late Saturday night and they asked that the donator send them a copy of the confirmation. She did that on Sunday and still no response.

I contacted my paypal account and they said they had no record of the donation coming in even though they had verified the email address for the donations and said that even though the donation might not have gone through they would still have a record. Getting still no help from the support group I contacted their domain supplier and though they could not give me any information due to privacy issues, they said they would email the site and tell them they had received a complaint and could they look into it. Ten minutes later I did hear from the support person but they asked the same questions they had asked originally but had not done anything to fix the problem. It is now Wednesday, August 6th, and still no fix or information as to what they are doing.

I do not know who contributed to the site other than the one who complained, but I know there were lots more. I do not want to embarrass anyone by asking them if they donated so I am telling all my facebook friends and email friends to let them know that if they donated they should check their credit cards to see if the donation was removed and if so let them know they have been scammed.

We have also put up signs throughout our community and town and those people will never know of the scam. My opinion is that you should never use this site for anything, let alone fundraising.

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Huntsville, Alabama, United States #945327

Wait...I thought the person who started the fundraiser could see who donates. Donors are only anonymous to other donors if the choose to be, but not to the recipient.

So how is it you can't see who all donated to you?

You said you knew more people had donated, but you didn't know who they were. How?


How can they shut down a fundraiser? Its none of their business why people are wanting to try and get money...as long as they get what they need and Paypal is getting their fees..it is absolutely none of their business who or why someone is putting on a fundraiser!!! Unless there is some fineprint somewhere people arent reading--I think you could involve a lawyer here for grand theft if they shut it down and you dont get your money and or people dont get refunded their donations.


I had a similar situation. They shut down a friends fundraiser and didn't tell any of the donors that they did this.

Nor did they refund our money. I had to email them three separate times for them to respond. They finally did refund my money but at no point did they explain where my money went, why it was refunded automatically or apologize for not informing any of the donors the fundraiser was shut down. It seems like they had no intentions of informing us of the shut down and that they were just going to keep our donations.

It's not finders keepers. If I didn't speak to my friend I would have never known they did this.

Sounds like a scam to me.

to Kristen G #892236

Yes they did the same to me cause it took them from Sat to Tuesday I heard from Gofund me lie because they are the people who in Nigeria and Middle East who are scam people think it's a real fundraiser we are raise money for them not us we need to involved the FBI on these scam because other people are get hurt real bad and that's not fair to us that lives in America.


I don't think your friend donated. Sorry.

I used youcaring to donate along with thousands of other without a problem. I wish you the best

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