There was recently a woman who was fundraising on Youcaring.com claiming to be unable to work due to intense pain as the result of surgery. She raised $1911.00 through the service.


Right after the donation period expired she posted on her Twitter account that she was having drinks and partying in Reno Nevada.



This image below appears on her Twitter page as proof she is in the state of Nevada:

The claim is that her pain from the surgery is so intense that she is unable to work because her job requires her sitting in an office chair for extended period of time.

In this twitter post, she is apparently mocking someone who may have given her several anonymous donations:


In spite of this claim, she is able to travel from Colunbus, Ohio to Reno, Nevada by Air or Car with no apparent problems.

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The above is indicative of what I have dealt with from William Murtaugh, and his many, MANY pseudonyms that he uses when posting utterly false and defamatory statements about me.

William Murtaugh "Murtwitnessone" has been harassing me for almost a decade.

One google search of Murt will reveal the abusive, and stalking behavior that he engages in EVERY SINGLE DAY, for the last 8+ years. There is no use to get a restraining order against Murt as he has had them against him in the past and has violated within 4 hours.

The fund that was set up was done by a friend after I had colon resection surgery. Anyone who is familiar with the surgery knows that it is major and it is painful, and the recovery time is not quick.

I was hardly jetting here and there after a colon resection, and any tweets that were posted about Reno were done so to fool Murt into believing I was not in Columbus, Ohio.

Mr. Murtaugh has contacted friends and family in the past in order to get information about me, and who is to say that he wouldn't contact the hospital I was admitted to.

William Murtaugh is a danger to myself and my friends who he continually harasses and torments on a daily basis. Google him.

It is exhausting having to even respond to these things, but I am tired of this psychotic *** posting defamatory *** about me online and I will be responding to everything that I find, as well as documenting this.

The cyberstalking laws are going to catch up with technology one day, Murt...and you will see jail time for this.

Alexandria Goddard


Funny....We ran this fundraiser for her to reduce costs for her AFTER she had DOCUMENTED surgery(info for which those of us that ran the fundraiser HAVE copies of).....during the period of time she was not MEDICALLY released to work. This here is a blatant example of WHY the FAKE "I am in Reno" tweets went out because William Murtaugh of Florida has stalked and harrassed Ms.

Goddard for over 10 years and this just shows his insanity RIGHT HERE.

Not only do we have medical documentation of her surgery her niece can also testify to the fact that she stayed with her during the weeks of said fundraiser because Ms. Goddard was unable to even drive.

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