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I was running in past fundraisers on Youcaring website and never have had bad experience.I was registered there with my email address. This time I decided to register at Youcaring website with third party application of Youcaring itself connected with my facebook account,not knowing what trouble can that bring.Does it ring to you?Yes you giving your facebook password to them and many more.It was requested of me to change beneficiary's paypal email address into another by beneficiary itself,because beneficiary would be different then.I couldn't do it manually,there was no option to do so.So I got in touch with Youcaring administration.They were very helpful,giving link to me for changing beneficary's paypal address.I was only organizer in fundraiser,as always.I registered with facebook account on Youcaring website for one reason only,so people can check my transparency and posts which would be in connection to fundraiser as solid proof of why and what for I am running fundraiser.The dogs I rescued needed more help with donations.This was big mistake : 1) Registering Youcaring account with facebook account and maybe also 2) Requesting changing beneficiary's paypal address.Me as organizer could not access beneficiary's paypal to withdraw donation,nor I was beneficiary.Also Total amount of donations does not change if donations would be withdrawn.Happen,that I noticed somebody without my permission and without my request changed for second time beneficiary's paypal address.It was changed into : Name : Mobeen ,Surname : Khan and into beneficiary's paypal address : Kieran_walshaw_98@outlook.com .As soon I noticed it I deactivated fundraiser.I was worried if more donors would donate where donations would go and are donations stolen the ones were already on fundraiser donated.I sent complaint to Youcaring administration,there was no reply for about 3 days,I got in touch with one of donors who donated via same fundraiser asking donor to check is his donation withdrawn or not,and giving explanation to what happen,that fundraiser was hacked.Donation was stolen by same name,surname and paypal address I gave here,just that only from donor information about it was not Capital letter K in Kieran,but it was small letter k.Donor got in touch with Youcaring administration,they replied to donor and then after to me.Again,how ignorant they were to my 10-15 emails complaints for 3 days,and as soon donor complaint they replied to us both.At the end there was no transparency from Youcaring administration,their security and safety is not safe and secure for members to register via third party application with Youcaring application which was connected to my facebook account.I was furious because for 3 days no single reply came from Youcaring at start.At end they said,it must be that to somebody I gave my email password.What has gotta to do my email password with registering at Youcaring with registered facebook account.I told them ,this is from your end you lack security and safety with third party applications and you can easy check up on every logging detail because every website can see IP addresses of logging in.I told them I reported it to law authorities,why they don't do same! The answer was they will report to paypal.And me to report to local authorities.I told them reporting foreigner to local authorities is not in jurisdiction of local authorities,I reported it to international law authorities because I don't know where does hacker live,where he she or they are from.Also weak spot is do not change beneficiary's paypal ever in Youcaring fundraiser,I was thinking every each time if requested of me beneficiary's paypal address to be changed that I have to ask Youcaring administration for permission to let me do it.But that weak spot also gives them space to blame on you saying that only once needed to be requested and could be changed after with same link,I didn't knew this either.So,dogs stayed without donations,donors were ripped off and no transparency by Youcaring providing solid proof of their words written in emails.I asked many questions,on many questions they never answered.This was fundraiser link : https://www.youcaring.com/pansionzapsemaza-832791 Gordana Stetin

Product or Service Mentioned: Youcaring Crowdfunding Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $48.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: It took 3-4 days for administration to reply to my complaint, How they went about receiving a donation to themselves, Service.

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So you raised 43 Euros and only 2 of the 3 dogs have been eaten at this point. Why are you complaining again?

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